2023 Mae Kibyuk Memorial Green and Gold Hockey Tournament


Memorial Marauders

2023 Mae Kibyuk  Green and Gold Hockey Tournament


Thursday, November 2nd

               Away (White/Light Jersey) Home (Dark Jersey)

5:30 PM Riverview Ravens (5) vs Glace Bay Panthers (4) - OT

7:00 PM Opening Ceremonies

7:30 PM Sydney Academy Wildcats (2) vs Memorial Marauders (6)


Friday, November 3rd

11:00 AM Memorial Marauders (1) vs Dalbrae Dragons (2) - OT

1:00 PM Dartmouth Spartans (3)vs Sydney Academy Wildcats (4)

3:00 PM Dalbrae Dragons (0) vs Glace Bay Panthers (7)

5:00 PM JL Ilsley Judges (2) vs Dartmouth Spartans (6)

7:00 PM Riverview Ravens (4) vs Memorial Marauders (2)


Saturday. November 4th

9:00am Dartmouth Spartans vs Riverview Ravens

11:00am JL Ilsley Judges vs Memorial Marauders

1:00pm Sydney Academy Wildcats vs Dalbrae Dragons

3:00pm Glace Bay Panthers vs JL Ilsey Judges

*If Memorial finishes 1st or 4th the 1 vs 4 game will be at 8:00pm*

Semi Finals

6:00 PM 4th________________ vs 1st_____________________

8:00 PM 3rd________________ vs 2nd_____________________


Sunday, November 5th 11:00am

Championship Game

Winner of Semi #1 vs Winner of Semi #2

Riverview (2) vs Glace Bay (4)

2nd team is the home team (dark jersey)